Taught in 2nd year Bachelor in textile technology
Theory [A] 0.0
Exercises [B] 30.0
Training and projects [C] 24.0
Studytime [D] 120.0
Studypoints [E] 4
Credit contract? Access upon approval
Examination contract? Access upon approval
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Greet Raes
Reference TCTEXT02A00017
Key words
Finishing technology

Students will be provided with an overview of the most important finishing processes. They will learn about the various effects which can be produced, and, in reverse, be able to identify the treatment by looking at real examples.
Students will be introduced into the environmental issues of the textile industry and will learn to identify and locate these in the industrial processes.
In the laboratory, students will conduct a series of basic
tests, especially for the textile industry.

The beginning of colour matching, bleaching, colouring, finishing and pressing

No specific prerequisites

Final Objectives

Materials used
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- teacher's course
- scientific & technical literature
- others

Study costs
€ 5

Study guidance

Teaching Methods
- lectures
- demonstrations
- exercises
- others
- individual reports
- group reports

- Scoring system :
written tests
oral examination

Greet Raes