Taught in 1st year Bachelor in fashion technology
Theory [A] 0.0
Exercises [B] 36.0
Training and projects [C] 48.0
Studytime [D] 120.0
Studypoints [E] 4
Credit contract? Access upon approval
Examination contract? Access upon approval
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Karlijn Bronselaer
Reference TCMODE01A00014
Key words
H745, Art-3D-fashiondesign

Design a collection of a fashionbrand. Design a ready-to-wear collection. Themes and atmospheres of a new collection. Working with a group of 5-7 students.

24 h. exercises - 48 h. BZL Study of a brand and design a new collection for this brand. Assignment: learning to think in atmospheres and themes, as well as learning to recognise them. Learneing how to visualise and translate these images into a ready – to – wear collection for a commercial brand/shop.
The portfolio contains collages, colours and fabric – directions and a ready – to – wear collection.
Designing with a team a collection for a ready-to-wear collection for the next season. Analysing and describing the target group, for who, what, where and how the collection is sold, at what price level,... Designing a logical collection for the brand. Designing 5 silhouets. Each silhouet had colour and fabric indications.

No Prerequisites

Final Objectives

Materials used
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Portfolio, internet, magasins,...

Study costs
Cost: 105.0 EUR
Portfolio, logbook and drawing materials: 35 euro
Copys portfolio: 20 euro
Excursion Momu Antwerpen: 25 euro
Workshop Color: 25 euro

Study guidance

Teaching Methods

- Reunions
- Individual logbook
- Peer-score
- Presentation
- Analysing brand
- Designs, themes en colors new collection

2th. exam. possible for the product evaluation.

Karlijn Bronselaer, Martine De Smedt, Martine Debaveye, Els Janssens