Taught in 3rd year Bachelor in chemistry - Main Subject: Chemical Technology
Theory [A] 24.0
Exercises [B] 0.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 100.0
Studypoints [E] 4
Level specialized
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Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Karen Vlaemynck
Reference TCCHCH03A00008
Key words
biochemical industry, conservation by heating, down stream processing, proteins as catalysator or end product, bioreactors

biochemical industry in Flanders ,
conservation methods escpecially in the food industry,
examples of biochemical production processes,
down stream processing

1. Conservation methods in the food industry, especially threatment with heat
2. bioreactor types and possibilities in the production of product with cells or with isolated enzymes
3. examples of productionprocesses : beer production , production of collageen, and of amylose
4. biological aspects and use of water threatment in different biochemical industries (anaerobic and aerobic)
5. down stream processing

knownledge of chemical technology and of organic chemistry

Final Objectives
student should have a good overview on different branches in biochemical industry in Flanders. He/she can integrate chemical technology in biochemical industries and understand the reasons for the specific adaptations.

Materials used
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own course (in dutch)

Study costs
15 euro

Study guidance
questions and discussion possible after appointment

Teaching Methods
theoretical lessons and demonstrations in different labs

oral exam

Katrien Strubbe