Taught in 2nd year Bachelor in chemistry - Main Subject: Chemical Technology
Theory [A] 24.0
Exercises [B] 12.0
Training and projects [C] 24.0
Studytime [D] 150.0
Studypoints [E] 5
Level in-depth
Credit contract? Unrestricted access
Examination contract? Unrestricted access
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Valérie De Vynck
Reference TCCHCH02A00007
Key words
phase transitions, fysical chemistry, thermodynamics, thermochemistry, kinetics, chemical equilibrium

In the lectures the most important fysico-chemical laws and deductions are taught. The student learns to understand different processes, he aquires insight in the material and learns how to make links to different subjects in a rational way.
The practical exercises are an illustration of the theorie. The student achieves all kinds of practical skills under suppervision of the theacher.
The Guided Independant Learning (GIL) can be devided into two parts : on one hand the student will learn how to solve theoretical problems, on the other hand he/she will have to carry out more specific pratical exercises based on the skills achieved in the practical exercises.

The course is ordened thematicaly.

The student must have achieved the basic competences of anorganic chemistry and is able to solve simple mathematical integrals.

Final Objectives
The student can give a critical interpretation to (fysico)chemical recepts ( in Dutch and Englisch). He/she carries out the analysis in a correct, accurate, reproductive and save manner, with respect for nature. The reports are written in a ordened, accurate and correct way. One is able to work as an individual as well as in a group or team (able to delegate). During projects in GIL the student learns to take decisions, the skill of not giving up an experience and the feeling of undertaking something new. Theoretical problems can be solved by schematic and deductive thinking where it is important to make the links to other departemental courses.

Materials used
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Theory : syllabus fysical chemistry, available on the campus.
Practical exercises : syllabus and data book available on the campus.
GIL: notes with theoretical exercises and practical recepts, available on the campus.

Study costs
Theoretical notes : 8€
Practical notes : 6€
GIL notes : 4€
Basic equipment (to use in all laboratories): 50€

Study guidance
During GIL and practical exercises, after an appointment with the theacher, one is given the possibility to ask several questions and obtain more information about the course.

Teaching Methods
Theory : lectures.
Practica : guided learning of basic skills in laboratory.
GIL : theoretical problems and practical exercises

Maximum points to obtain : 100 pts
Theory : 70 pts : oral examination (written preparation) + theoretical exercises (GIL) (written). Possibility to second examination session.
Practica : 30 pts : permanent evaluation of the exercises carried out during the practica and the GIL. No possibility of having a second examination session.

De Vynck Valérie