Taught in 3rd year Bachelor in chemistry - Main Subject: Biochemistry
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Studytime [D] 160.0
Studypoints [E] 6
Level specialized
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Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Ann Messens
Reference TCCHCB03K00001
Key words
Technology of biochemical industries

The students get insight in a thermal destructionprocess and in pasteurisation- en sterilisation-equipment; in aerobic and anaerobic water purificationprocesses; in recoveryprocesses used in biochemical industries; in a breweryprocess; in applications of enzymes in the industry; in immobilisation-techniques and their application;cleaning and disinfection in the food industry.

Thermal treatment of foods.
Productrecovery or down-stream processing.
Malt- and brewery- technology.
Microbiological purification of waste water.
Use of enzymes in the industry.
Cleaning and disinfection in the food industry.

Basic knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology.

Final Objectives
The students are capable of acquiring and handling specific information about technology of biochemical industries.
The students have insight in high technological processes in biotechnological industries applied in this course.

Materials used
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Ann Messens