Taught in 3rd year Bachelor in chemistry - Main Subject: Biochemistry
Theory [A] 24.0
Exercises [B] 36.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 180.0
Studypoints [E] 6
Level specialized
Credit contract? Access denied
Examination contract? Unrestricted access
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Ann Messens
Reference TCCHCB03A00005
Key words

Theory :
The students acquire insight in the growth kinetics of bacteria, fungi and yeasts and in the techniques for measurment of microbial growth; in the build up of fermentation processes and in the culture principals; in the preparation of cheese, antibiotics and salami.
Practical :
The students learn to produce a growthcurve; to build up a fermentationprocess and to isolate and characterize fermentation products.

Theory :
The micro-organism; the fermentationprocess; antibiotics and their preparation; the preparation of cheese and the preparation of salami.
Practical :
Production of a growth curve; build up of a fermentation process; isolation and characterisation of antibiotics produced by bacteria and of metabolietes produced by yeasts; thermal destruction of micro-organisms; conservation techniques for MO; determination of the most probable number and of the fenol coefficient.

Basic knowledge of microbiology and biochemistry

Final Objectives
The students have sense of responsibility.
The students are capable of gadering and applying specific information.
For the practical exercices they are capable of recognizing problems and solving them, they can work accurately, directed towards results with the necessary spirit for cooperation and teamworking.
They can preform the analysis in a secure manner, they can judge the quality and the results of the analysis in an adequate way.
They can adequately process their results.

Materials used
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- teacher's course

- scientific & technical literature

Study costs
2.5 euro

Study guidance

Teaching Methods
- lectures
- demonstrations
- exercises
- others

- Scoring system :
oral examination
permanent evaluation

Ann Messens