Taught in Bachelor in primary teacher education 1-year SOV-progr. for Bachelors pre-school/secondary
Theory [A] 48.0
Exercises [B] 24.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 180.0
Studypoints [E] 6
Level specialized
Credit contract? Unrestricted access
Examination contract? Unrestricted access
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Lieveke Maeseele
Reference LGOWIJ01A00103
Key words

Elementary school teachers should possess the material they teach. In the first year mathematics course the attention will be focussed on the basic knowledge and skills mentioned in the learning plans for mathematics on a primary school level. The main aim of the course is to brush up this basic knowledge and to eliminate eventual deficits. Attention will also be given to the skills that underlie a clear insight into the subject-matter, viz. to have mastered procedures, to develop an appropriate way of thinking and problem solving, to reflect on problem solving methods, and to develop a critical attitude with respect to figures or numerical data.

The course covers the following subjects: sets and relations, number theory, geometry and problem solving. Each part of the course comprises exercises to make independently (self-study).

No specific prerequisites.

Final Objectives

Materials used
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- Course book;
- Handbooks of elementary, primary and secondary education.

Study costs
Course book and handbooks: about 1000 BEF or 24,79 EUR.

Study guidance
Individual tutoring by appointment.

Teaching Methods
- Lectures with opportunity for discussion;
- Self-study.

- Permanent evaluation;
- Written exam in January and June.