Taught in Bachelor in pre-school teacher education 2-year SOV-program for Bachelors or Masters
Theory [A] 37.0
Exercises [B] 0.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 90.0
Studypoints [E] 3
Level in-depth
Credit contract? Unrestricted access
Examination contract? Access denied
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Ilse Baetsle
Reference LGKLEI03A99480
Key words
Communication skills

- to use a word processor efficiently in the event of long documents;
- to be able to smoothly judge and use, and should the case arise, make media in function of the work field;
- to be able to ICT in class;
- to develop a good relational attitude towards pupils and adults.

- to prepare a table of contents, automatic numbering and format profiles;
- to study subject-specialized media (inter alia multimedia, ICT, educational software, spreadsheet);
- to work with school culture, develop a meeting culture and stimulate parent participation.

- the learning contents of the second year should be integrated;
- the learning contents of the first year should be integrated.

Final Objectives

Materials used
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- syllabus about the lay-out of a paper to be prepared at the end of their studies and about word processing in function of the paper to be prepared at the end of their studies;
- study texts about ICT, educational software, Excel 97;
- study texts and specific cases.

Study costs
BEF 500 or EUR 12.39.

Study guidance
Monitoring at the media centre from 12.30 am to 1.30 pm. At other moments, the students are allowed to make use of the infrastructure of the media centre to practise. As a matter of course, it is also possible to make an individual appointment with the lecturer. During the elaboration of "TGO" (theme-directed education).

Teaching Methods
- to teach the learning contents theoretically and practise skills;
-" TGO" (theme-directed education) and reflection.

- permanent evaluation in combination with an examination:
- permanent evaluation.

Karolien NIJS