Taught in 2de jaar professionele Bachelor in het onderwijs: lager onderwijs
Bachelor in primary teacher education 2-year SOV-program for Bachelors or Masters
Theory [A] 20.0
Exercises [B] 20.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 120.0
Studypoints [E] 4
Level in-depth
Credit contract? Access upon approval
Examination contract? Access upon approval
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Karina Van den Broeck
Reference LCOWIJ02A00001
Key words

- to thoroughly widen insights and skills in connection with objectives, initial situation, forms of working , contents, evaluation, differentiation and individualisation;
- to see the needs of migrant children and special education children;
- to insight and abilities in the preparation, realisation and evaluation of learning processes in primary schools;
- to concretise the goals of the educational programme in interest centres and projects by means of didactically justified and chosen forms of working , learning activities and media.

- objectives: to select, formulate and relate to the goals of the educational programme and educational plans; goals of the educational programme: description, division and principles;
- initial situation: several components: pupil, teacher, class, school, situation;
- evaluation: description, means, requirements and forms;
- care broadening: description, necessity and realisations (individualisation - differentiation including corner and contract work);
- initiation into education to children with specific needs (migrant children, children with learning difficulties, special education children) including a first reconnaissance of the supervising bodies (C.L.B., inspection and P.C.);
- profound study of the contents of the goals of the educational programme of world studies and learning to learn.

Knowledge, insights and skills gained in the training parts of general and specific pedagogics of the first year.

Final Objectives

Materials used
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Course book and handbook.

Study costs
- course book and supplementary texts: about BEF 1,000 or EUR 24.79);
- practical subject training: about BEF 5,000 or EUR 123.95;
- didactical practical training: work sheets, etc. about BEF 1,500 or EUR 37.18 + travelling expenses.

Study guidance
Individual tutoring by appointment.

Teaching Methods
Lectures, forms of conversation, preparation and discussion of demonstration and specimen lessons, practice weeks and practical training, visits to special education schools and education supporting bodies, coached independent work in connection with the goals of the educational programme, project work in connection with world studies.

Oral examination in June.