Taught in 2nd year Bachelor in pre-school teacher education
Bachelor in pre-school teacher education 2-year SOV-program for Bachelors or Masters
Theory [A] 16.0
Exercises [B] 32.0
Training and projects [C] 70.0
Studytime [D] 200.0
Studypoints [E] 8
Level in-depth
Credit contract? Access upon approval
Examination contract? Access upon approval
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Lien Coppens
Reference LCKLEI02A00007
Key words

The students gain insight into the cognitive, psychomotoric and socio-affective development of infants. The students are able to prepare a practical training week with infants in an original way. The interrelation of the activities concerned is meaningful and they relate to a given theme. The students are able to spontaneously consult information sources in the preparation of infant activities. The students become aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the different pedagogic attitudes. The students learn to start from the start situation of infants to coach and differentiate experience activities according to the specific needs of the infants.

- cognitive, socio-affective, psychomotoric and fantasy development of infants;
- new infant activities with the emphasis on experience-oriented playing and learning activities;
- development aims for infant education;
- current themes in infant education.

Course contents of common pedagogics and specific pedagogics for a 1st year infant school teacher.

Final Objectives

Materials used
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Course book, articles from pedagogic journals.

Study costs
Course book: about BEF 350 or EUR 8.68.

Study guidance
Individual assistance as regards the preparation of lessons. The students are allowed to ask questions in connection with the learning contents during the lessons.

Teaching Methods
Group discussions, teaching conversations, personal tasks, evaluation discussions, video.

- examination: yes,
- period: June,
- form: written or oral,
- permanent evaluation: 20% + attendance of practical lessons.