Study Programmes per Faculty
Faculty of Architecture, Audio-Visual & Fine Arts - Royal Academy
Faculty of Biotechnology, Agriculture and Landscape Architecture
Faculty of Languages & Information Technology Studies
Faculty of Health Care
Faculty of Business Administration & Public Administration
Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Faculty of Teacher Training
Music & Drama Faculty - Royal Conservatory
Faculty of Business, Languages & Information Technology studies - Aalst
Faculty of Business Studies
Faculty of Social Work
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Translation Studies
Mercator Hogeschool Departement vertaalkunde ( voor 2001 )
Mercator Hogeschool Departement Gezondheidszorg ( voor 2001 )
Mercator Hogeschool Departement Bedrijfsbeheer ( voor 2001 )
Mercator Hogeschool Departement Secretariaatsbeheer ( voor 2001 )
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