Lectured in
voortgezette opleiding Europees bedrijfsbeleid
Theory [A] 25.0
Exercises [B] 0.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 75
Studypoints [E] 3
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Annie VAN WANSEELE
Reference RVEURO01K00007
Key words
Business English 1

The students expand their knowledge of English as it is used in international trade.
They learn to use the proper terminology in the relevant written and oral communicative situations as they occur in the business world.

The following topics are dealt with (however, the list can be adapted to meet the needs and backgrounds of the students) : product description, product presentation, sales pitch, sales letter, offers and quotations, terms and conditions, transport, customs, customer relations, complaints, targets, agency, management issues, topical economic issues .

College degree - knowledge of general English at least at intermediate level.

Final Objectives

Materials used
Work sheets and course materials compiled by the lecturer. For some assignments the students will have to surf the Internet.

Study costs
Cost of the photocopies as determined by Hogeschool Gent.

Study guidance
The lecturer is available for individual counselling.

Teaching Methods
The active participation of each student is required at all times.
Students will have to prepare assignments and make class presentations individually and in groups. Students will participate in class discussions, role plays and report on certain tasks such as interviewing a manager in English.

First exam session: 50 % written exam and 50 % permanent evaluation
Second exam session: 100 % written exam