Lectured in
voortgezette opleiding Europees bedrijfsbeleid
Theory [A] 5.0
Exercises [B] 20.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 75
Studypoints [E] 3
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Marie-Anne BAERT
Reference RVEURO01A00015
Key words

Students learn how to draw up effective reports. They train these skills by writing an international marketing report for a real company.
Furthermore they train a number of attitudes and (social) skills: they learn to:
  • analyze and interpret information
  • organize the information
  • formulate effective sentences
  • bear responsibility
  • work in team
  • be assertive
  • work under stress
  • to respect deadlines
  • contact people

The course focuses on the technique of writing reports: organizing the information, adapting the message to serve the purpose and audience, lay-out etc.

Students have command of written Dutch, they master a conversational writing style.

Final Objectives

Materials used

Study costs
Approx. 100 pages at the standard Hogeschool Gent price

Study guidance
Students' questions are answered individually during tutoring sessions.

Teaching Methods
  • Students acquire the theoretical knowledge by means of guided self study. They consult the lecturer and discuss problems and questions.
  • Students are guided by the lecturer and receive feedback on their written task (international marketing report). The lecturer explains the theoretical reference frame, provides guidance and provides insight into the communication progress.
  • Students work in small teams. The lecturer coaches these groups. Therefore in-class teaching is replaced by tutoring sessions.

First exam session: 60% on the report (international marketing plan)
20% on permanent evaluation
20% on group evaluation
Second exam session: 100 % individual assessment