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voortgezette opleiding Europees bedrijfsbeleid
Theory [A] 0.0
Exercises [B] 0.0
Training and projects [C] 360.0
Studytime [D] 375
Studypoints [E] 15
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Steven VERMEULEN
Reference RVEURO01A00013
Key words
Work placement, traineeship

This fairly intensive postgraduate course at Hogeschool Gent, department of Business Studies Mercator, from October till March, is followed by an on-the-job training period of 10 weeks.
This training period is meant to test the acquired knowledge by a hands-on experience in a company. The traineeship preferably takes place in a company abroad, because the language and culture of the country can create added value.
The student can also do the traineeship in Belgium, preferably in a company with international activities.
On-the-job training period: to be arranged in advance = practical traineeship with analysis phase and assimilation phase. The company plans a project that bears on several fields (import, export, staffing policy, market research…).The on-the-job trainingship can also be done by a team of students.

Due to the several basic courses it is possible to make the placement company a professional offer. Similar on-the-job trainings have already led to excellent results.

Students need to have a university degree, or a degree in higher education (1 cycle or 2 cycles).

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