Lectured in
voortgezette opleiding Europees bedrijfsbeleid
Theory [A] 50.0
Exercises [B] 50.0
Training and projects [C] 40.0
Studytime [D] 300
Studypoints [E] 12
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Christa SYS
Reference RVEURO01A00012
Key words
Interdisciplinary cases

This subject is clearly linked with business.
Personnel managers, general managers, etc. are given the opportunity to teach the students through guest lectures, company visits, etc.

A team of students is linked to a company with which it will collaborate during one year. The collaboration mostly takes place in the company itself.
The student gets to know the company through and through via business planning, market study and human resources management.
The extra training is given to students and managers at the same time, which is unique in Flemish education.'Interdisciplinary cases' are based on three pillars:
  • Business planning: The team of students will, under professional supervision, investigate all possible economic areas in the company, e.g. investments, production, financing, sales, etc. This results in a business plan, which is constantly followed up afterwards and adjusted if necessary.
  • Human Resources Management (HRM): Besides an economic investigation, there is also an investigation of the personnel management. There is also research on staff needs, job descriptions and personnel training.
  • International Marketing: A lot of small and medium
  • sized enterprises are looking for new markets. The team of students does market research on new foreign markets. They write a report and make a presentation in a foreign language.
The students get all the necessary help to complete all three parts to satisfaction. The sessions are for students and managers (as far as business planning and HRM are concerned).

Students need to have a university degree, or a degree in higher education (1 cycle or 2 cycles).

Final Objectives

Materials used
Computer (reports in Word, Excel and Powerpoint).

Study costs
Approx. 200 pages at the standard Hogeschool Gent price.

Study guidance
Internationale marketing: logbook + coaching.
BPL + HRM: group sessions in companies.

Teaching Methods
Syllabus, guest speakers and company visits, other information: EROV - GOMOV - VDAB - Export Vlaanderen - Chambers of Commerce - Internet,…

First exam session: written report, language aspects and presentation (style and content) (100%).
Second exam session: written exam (100%).