Lectured in 1st year Business managementOptional course environmental administration
1ste jaar Bedrijfsbeheer
Theory [A] 0.0
Exercises [B] 25.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 100
Studypoints [E] 4
Language of instruction Dutch
Reference RGBBRX01A14514
Key words
Applied IT

  • Knowledge:
    making use efficiently of the possibilities of the operating system most in demand and some utilities,working fluently with Word and PowerPoint.
  • Skills:
    keyboard skills,knowing how to handle expertly and how to control with insight professional software packages with attention for efficiently operating of the equipment and applying the BIN-standards
  • Competencies
    developing the feeling for efficiency, precision, completeness and critical approach,thinking in function of solving problems,look up efficiently information,organising and processing suitably a task within the given time

  • operating system Windows
  • utilities: WinZip and internet
  • presentation package: PowerPoint 2000
  • wordprocessing: Word 2000: basic knowledge and advanced application

Keyboard skills: touch-type with all fingers.

Final Objectives

Materials used
Werk Wijzer met Word 2000, deel 2, gevorderd gebruik, WWW Soft 1998 (Devriendt, De Geyter- Diependaele), ISBN 90-76862-02-8.
Syllabus Windows and utilities.
Syllabus PowerPoint.

Study costs
handbook: at common market pricesyllabus: at common price for copies fixed by the high school.

Study guidance
Guidance of individual study.

Teaching Methods
1 hour of contact:the treatment of the subject in theory with the help of overheadprojector, board, beamer, examples on computerafterwards accompanied applications with immediate feedback and the occasion for questions.
1 hour study guidancepart of the subject is practising by the student with the help of a syllabus with matching exercises. During this time there are chances for feedback, correction and practice.

First exam session: continuous assessment (25 % PowerPoint, 75 % Windows and Word)
Second exam session: 100 % examinaton with practical application on the computer (25 % PowerPoint, 75 % Windows and Word)
Examination Board Flemish Community: first and second exam session: 100 % examinaton with practical application on the computer (25 % PowerPoint, 75 % Windows and Word)