Lectured in 1st year Business managementOptional course environmental administration
1ste jaar Bedrijfsbeheer
Theory [A] 50.0
Exercises [B] 0.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 150
Studypoints [E] 6
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Werner HAESAERTS
Reference RGBBRX01A14512
Key words
Commercial and Financial Techniques

This course aims at teaching the basic principles of commerce, trade and finance. It forms the basis for many subsequent courses. The course is practice-oriented, so students learn to understand the purpose and use of various forms in national and international business activities, what their function is within the transaction, and how to interact.
You should know the techniques commonly used in the business world, understand them and be able to use them in an appropriate way.
Finally the student should gain a thorough insight into a firm's commercial and related financial activities in the European and in the international context

  • See Objectives and use of actual papers
  • The impact of commerce on the world's economy
  • Carriers and intermediate persons in commerce
  • Belgian and European foreign trade balance and balance of payments
  • Global commercial policies and treaties
  • The EU, its origin, evolution and future
  • The documents required in international commerce and trade
  • Customs' legislation and VAT
  • Transport modalities, insurance
  • The Incoterms
  • Special methods of payment in international context.


Final Objectives

Materials used
Textbook and papers, "Buitenlandse Handel Temmerman Walters, uitgeverij Standaard"; papers lecturer; extra documentation collected by the students themselves

Study costs
Not available today 1 september 2002.

Study guidance
Depends on the personal initiative of the students. Individual learning problems can be discussed any time.

Teaching Methods
A combination of interactive discussion, lecturing and group work and supported by reading news, website; formal lecture, completed with graphs, diagrams, statistics and illustrations; assimilation of current events in association with the chapter discussed and contribution of the students into groupdiscussions.

First exam session: 100 % written exam
Second exam session: 100 % written exam
Examination Board Flemish Community (ditto regular student)