Lectured in 1st year Business managementOptional course environmental administration
1ste jaar Bedrijfsbeheer
Theory [A] 25.0
Exercises [B] 0.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 75
Studypoints [E] 3
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Octaaf VERHEYDEN
Reference RGBBRX01A14511
Key words

Students acquire the basic principles of communication terminology , mix instruments and of the communication plan.
They are able to implement that knowledge on cases in order to get insight in the communication plan of an organisation.

Initiation to the mastering of the following professional competences :
  • problem solving & team spirit
Initiation to the mastering of the following general competences :
  • logical thinking
  • research & processing of information
  • assertiveness

Introduction and the marketingmix-instruments :
  • product
  • price
  • place
  • promotion

No specific knowledge required.

Final Objectives

Materials used
Book and copies.

Study costs
Current price book + copies.

Study guidance
Individual questions & problems can always be communicated with the teaching staff.

Teaching Methods
Lectures, dialogue, team assignment, cases.
Theoretical foundation illustrated by means of cases, seminars and guest speakers.

First exam session : written exam 75% + assignment 25%
Second exam session : written exam 100%
Examination Board Flemish Community: first and second exam session: 100 % written exam