Lectured in 1st year Business managementOptional course environmental administration
1ste jaar Bedrijfsbeheer
Theory [A] 25.0
Exercises [B] 0.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 75
Studypoints [E] 3
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Annie VAN GOETHEM
Reference RGBBRX01A14381
Key words
Introduction to the environment technology partim 2

  • Obtain the basic knowledge needed for all courses of environment technology, environment lauw and toxicology which are taught in the second and third year
  • Know, understand and be able to interpret physical concepts, magnitudes and terms in environment laws
  • Be able to make simple calculations with physical magnitudes (e.g. pressure, temperature, volume, power, energy) which are related to environmental sciences and technologies

The most important items in the course " basic notions of physics" are: notions about movement, force, work, power, energy, thermo-dynamics, electricity, magnetism, state of matter, vibrations and waves.
For each of these items, attention will only be given to the points which are really necessary for the technical environment courses in the following academic years. Some basic formulations have to be used by the students in exercises. For calculations, attention will be given to the use of the right units and to the conversion in practical units.

No special knowledge required.
Everybody who succeeded in secondary education can follow this course.

Final Objectives

Materials used
Syllabus "Basisbegrippen fysica" available from the campus copy centre.

Study costs
Syllabus: ca 100 pages (copy price fixed by the hogeschool)

Study guidance
Individual problems can always be disussed with the lecturer.

Teaching Methods
Question and answer: the student will be involved intensively in the course by means of questions and answers, to enlarge their knowledge and to clarify the concepts.
Guided exercises: the exercises which the students have to be solve will be thoroughly prepared during the course. The exercises have to be solved by the students themselves and will be explained and discussed by the lecturer afterwards.

First exam session: written examination 100%.
Second exam session: written examination 100%.
Examination Board Flemish Community: (ditto regular student).