Lectured in 2nd year Business managementSection marketing
2de jaar Bedrijfsbeheer optie marketing
Theory [A] 25.0
Exercises [B] 0.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 75
Studypoints [E] 3
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Paul DIRKS
Reference RGBBRM02A01008
Key words

The students should develop a clear insight into the specific characteristics of marketing within a business-to-business setting, by using the marketing instruments.
The students should be able to put market segmentation, market targeting and positioning into practice. They also need to familiarize the specific aspects of purchasing.
This will enable the students to market products professionally as a relation manager, either as a purchasing manager or when dealing with business-to-business companies as an account manager.As a preparation to their job, the course is completed with the most important recent developments and some practice scenarios.
Attitudes and skills such as team-spirit, flexibility and a critical and problem solving mind are necessary.

  • Characteristics of industrial marketing
  • Aspects of purchasing (make or buy …)
  • Strategic purchasing ( Kraljic matrix …)
  • Industrial buying behaviour
  • Industrial market segmentation, market targeting and positioning
  • Marketing mix in industrial marketing
  • industrial product management
  • industrial distribution channels
  • industrial communication
  • industrial price management
  • Relation management
  • Recent developments and practice scenarios

Basis knowledge of marketing.

Final Objectives

Materials used

Study costs
Depend on the syllabus used, according to the usual price applied at the department.

Study guidance
Provided by lecturer.

Teaching Methods
Lectures, case studies, interactive discussions.

First exam session: 100 % written exam
Second exam session: 100 % written exam
Examination Board Flemish Community (ditto regular student)