Lectured in 2nd year Business managementSection marketing
2de jaar Bedrijfsbeheer optie marketing
Theory [A] 12.5
Exercises [B] 25.0
Training and projects [C] 0.0
Studytime [D] 125
Studypoints [E] 5
Language of instruction Dutch
Lecturer Linda ENGELS
Reference RGBBRM02A01005
Key words
Market Research

  • To have knowledge of the basics of field research.
  • Field research: to be able to choose and use the correct methods/ techniques.
  • To have a sound grasp of and to be able to apply the structure of market research.
  • To have a thorough command of professional competences: work in team, communicative skills (reporting, dialogue), social skills (have a sense of cooperation, team spirit), critical attitude
  • To have a thorough command of other competences: be able to work in a creative way to solve problems, learn independently, possess an attitude of accuracy.

Developing the structure of market research with the emphasis on field research (descriptive and explanatory research)
  • Definition of the population, sampling frame, sample and number of respondents
  • Choice of research method (questionnaire, methods used in explanatory research, experiments)
  • Composition of instruments for registration (emphasis on questionnaire)
  • Field research
  • Preparation of and working with (interpretation of) data
  • Theory is systematically illustrated in exercises and a project

Knowledge of the basics of desk research and be able to search information efficiently (library, internet, …).

Final Objectives

Materials used
Textbook: P. Offermans & M. De Laet, Marktonderzoek, Standaard Uitgeverij.
Complementary copies (theory + exercises).

Study costs
Usual price of the textbook + 1 euro copies.

Study guidance
Consults on a regular basis.
Students can ask an individual consult.

Teaching Methods
Combination of lectures, interactive teaching, home work, home study, assignments, exercises in class, group project.

First exam session: written exam (open book) 50% and + permanent assessment 50%
Second exam session: written exam (open book) 100%
Examination Board Flemish Community:
First exam session: written exam (open book) 50% and + assessment 50%
Second exam session: written exam (open book) 100%