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Studytime [D] 179
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Lecturer Luc ROMAN
Co-lecturers Bruno BAEYENS
Reference TGBOUW01A00001
Key words

Knowledge of mathematical tecniques and concepts which are essential in other technical subjects and necessary for professional duty. Successful application of these techniques.

Have a background of algebra and geometry.

Plane Geometry
Plane figures. Triangles: congruency and similarity. Regular polygons. The circle.
Solid geometry
Straight lines and planes.Geometrical figures: surface area and volume.
Analytic geometry
In the plane: coordinates of points, orthonormal coordinate system, distance between two points, transformation of coordinate systems, the straight line and the circle.
In space: coordinates of a point, orthonormal cordinate system, distance between two points, planes and straight lines, the sphere.
About angles, goniometric and cyclometric functions, goniometric formulas : sum formulas, formulas for 2a en 3a, Simpson formulas, formulas for a/2, basic goniometric equations.
Formulas in a rightangled triangle, adjacent elements in a rightangled triangle, formulas in any triangle, calculating the elements of any triangle, adjacent elements in any triangle, applications in landsurveying, using orded triangles in landsurveying.

Teaching Methods
- lectures
- exercises
- home study

Materials used
- teacher's course

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written examination

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Bruno Baeyens - Luc Roman - Kathleen Verlee

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